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SS 202 Sheets & Plates

We are is one of the most reputed Importers and Exporters in all types of Metals in India. We offer 202 Stainless Steel Sheet in different type of thickness, specification, grades and dimensions.An all-inclusive product range in cold-rolled steel grades of SS 202 Sheet includes formable and high-strength, boron and weather-demanding steels.

SS 430 Sheets & Plates

Our company provides a high quality of stainless steel products which is very useful in many applications. Our service is most like by our customers so, we always works to satisfy our customer by providing a high quality of products. Our finishing is also different and it makes us very popular in the field of stainless steel industries. Our team works with full of strategy and cooperate, this helps us to maintain a long relationship with our customers. We cater to all requirements of our customers and produce SS sheets and plates in variety of dimensions and designations. Stainless Steel 430 Sheets/ Plates are manufactured by the grade 430 which has special properties. Grade 430 is the straight chromium, non- hardenable alloy with great consumption resistance, and formability qualities. It has also valuable mechanical properties. UNS S43000 has a capacity to oppose the nitric acid attack allows its utilization in particular applications.