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Titanium Gr 2 / Gr 5 Sheets & Plates

We owned a position of leading manufacturer and supplier of Titanium Gr 2 Sheets & Titanium Gr 5 Sheets amongst our clients. Titanium Gr 2 Plates can be cold rolled to various tempers. Post-work annealing here is required to re-attain optimum performance characteristics. Preheat or post heat treatments here are not required. Titanium Gr 5 Plates are becoming increasingly utilized in other industries as well, from petrochemical applications to sporting goods. Specifications for this product typically specify a maximum hydrogen limit of about 150 ppm. It can be machined using slow speeds, high feed rates, rigid tooling, and flooding the work piece by means of non-chlorinated cutting fluid.

Titanium GR 2/5 Fasteners

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Titanium GR 2/5 Flanges

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Titanium GR 2/5 Forged Fittings

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Titanium GR 2/5 Instrumentation Fittings

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Titanium GR 2/5 Instrumentation Valves

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Titanium GR 2/5 Pipe Fittings

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Titanium GR 2/5 Pipes & Tubes

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Titanium GR 2/5 Valves

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